Five Reasons Why You Should No Longer Work from Home

These days, many companies are embracing the benefits of a remote workforce. On the surface, there are advantages to both sides. For the company, there is a reduced need for office space, allocated parking, workstations, and everything that goes along with having an office presence. Also, it opens up the opportunity to hire top talent…

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Overcoming Obstacles: Finding Your Power

  We face obstacles to progress every single day. Whether you’re stuck behind a slow driver on the freeway or encountering a barrier on the way to reaching a cherished goal, we all have different ways of dealing with the challenge. How do You Deal with Obstacles? Some of us simply ignore the obstacles in…

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Why Annapolis is a Great City for Foodies

Annapolis Restaurant Week is legendary in the foodie community. Every year during the first week of March, you can sample and savor your way through every day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner get full coverage here and whether your style is sophisticated fine dining or down-home comfort food, there is truly something for every palate. But…

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Small Business Trends for 2019

Counting down to the end of 2018, you are probably thinking about what’s ahead and how you can best prepare for that. Some of the most significant trends we have seen in 2018 will, in all probability, continue into the coming year; some are familiar topics, and some perhaps are stepping to the fore with…

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Ending the year right by giving back

At My Annapolis Office, we work with local charities who have a direct impact on our community. This year, we have chosen to work with The United States Marine Corps Toys for Tots, an organization that believes that every child deserves a happy Christmas. Since 1947, Toys for Tots has been distributing new toys to…

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How to avoid complacency and stay successful in business

It’s easy to become complacent when everything’s going well. However, the law of averages states that nothing stays static forever. Even the shiniest new things will be yesterday’s news one day and something will always be waiting in the wings to replace it. It’s an evolutionary process that’s found in nature as well as in…

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The spooky stories that haunt Annapolis

In a city as old as Annapolis, there are bound to be a few ghosts. From the headless ghost of Cornhill Street to the ghost of Mary Reynolds who watches over the Reynold’s Tavern on Church Circle, there are stories aplenty, enough to curl the hair of the staunchest skeptics and have you and your…

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Best fall trips to take in Maryland

Come fall, Maryland is one of the most glorious places to be. The crisp in the air, the sweet autumn sunshine, and the changing leaves are simply magical. Fall foliage tours, in fact, are a popular pastime in Annapolis—one that brings in visitors from all over the world, in fact—but there are plenty of other…

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